We Start All of our training from the ground up

You Can Come in with No Prior Knowledge and Learn from World Class Professionals.


Train with the 10th Planet Freaks in San Diego, Oceanside, and Spring Valley. From beginners to professional competitors, our no-gi jiu jitsu instruction welcomes students of all skill-levels to grow in their training. We have some of the best instructors in the world teaching progressive and innovative techniques that are on the cutting edge of no-gi grappling.

Coached by Richie Martinez and Geo Martinez.

Professional and Amateur.


Come see where your desire and talent can take you. We train everyone, from the inexperienced to the expert. You can start from nothing and rise to the top, just like many of our professional fighters and instructors have done. Or you can come in as a seasoned fighter and take your skills to the next level by being surrounded by world class talent.

Coached by Manolo Hernandez.

Professional and Amateur.