Ashley Cummins on Moving to San Diego Combat Academy

10th Planet San Diego Jiu Jitsu

“This has been the best camp I’ve ever had because of all my teammates here, I moved here August 1 and I’ve grown so much in the past couple of months. I’m excited to think about how good I’ll be in a year or two after training at this gym. I love it here. This is already like a family to me. I definitely think this was a very smart move on my part for my MMA career to move out to San Diego and choose this gym. I don’t even think [my teammates] realize how much their support means to me. After training [on Thursday night], one of the girls announced in front of everyone they’ll hold a watch party for my fight. I had to hold back the tears.”


Invicta FC 32’s Ashley Cummins Excited to Show Improvements Since Moving to San Diego Combat Academy