Being a 10th Planet Freak

10th Planet San Diego Jiu Jitsu

“I’ve been a Freak ever since I can remember.
It all started in “The Freak Show Crew” then “10th Planet Freaks” and of course “The Freak Brothers.”
When it all started it was a bunch of likeminded and very talented individuals that all had there own amazing style and that’s what is now known as The Freak Show crew and from there my life changed to the amazing roller coaster of a life that I have.
Freaks are Unique, above average, but we are also the Nerds, the Misfits, the one that don’t quite fit in. We pride ourselves on originality and hard work.
What ever life brings to me I always make sure I represent my FREAK families.
To everyone that’s been part of my journey I appreciate you..
Let’s keep this amazing SHOW going.”

 – Boogeyman Richie Martinez