10th Planet Lil Freaks

10th Planet San Diego Jiu Jitsu

Join in with your little ones for them to learn in a disciplined, creative, supportive, and encouraging environment! 

“Some of the #10thplanetlilfreaks ranked up tonight in striking and Coach @ronnin6883 and @10thplanetsandiego put on a great little celebration. This is @ronnin6883 last week coaching the kids striking and will be going up full-time to @10thplanetoceanside. We were so fortunate to have had you with us, the kids respect and adore you 🥰 Thank you so much!!! Excited to see the program continue in the much able hands of @ronnbawn and @the_handsome_devil_10p 💥 Congratulations to the little ninjas that stepped up to the coaches’ challenge and were recognized, those kids killed it in the skills assessment last week.” – Patty Sanchez